(Reworked "Worldview Statement" for Seattle Peak Oil Awareness, a Seattle, WA, citizens' action group)

The ultimate goal of Seattle Peak Oil Awareness (SPOA), which it shares with many other organizations and 
individuals, is a sustainable and just society. Among the barriers in the way of creating such a society are the 
ecological threats of climate change, resource depletion, and overpopulation. We of SPOA are optimistic that 
a sustainable, just society will ultimately be achieved; however, we anticipate that the transition will not be a 
smooth and painless one. There is great potential for economic disruption, political disorder or extremism, 
restricted mobility, increased environmental degradation, and inter-communal violence or war.

These conditions will require that we do far more than merely create a vision of a sustainable world and live 

Position Papers, Mission Statements, and Party Platforms 
in accordance with that vision. (Many groups and individuals are already working on this.) A critical part of 
preparing for the future is the realization that without action the consequences for our species could be 
fateful in the extreme. Continued "progress" is not inevitable.

We of SPOA understand that we are nearing the end of our current era of unprecedented material affluence. 
The age of cheap energy, which has enabled us to ignore, degrade, and/or escape the harsh and beautiful 
mistress that is the Earth and her ecology, is dying. With this, the Earth will become harsher and more 
beautiful, and human life will become more uncertain and fraught with danger. However, we are optimistic that 
with wise decision-making backed by concerted effort, we can build a community and a culture which will allow 
us and our loved ones to live worthwhile and fulfilling lives, and which can provide a positive example for our 
larger society.
These types of writing serve a vital function in letting the public know what you or your organization is about. Not having them increases the risk that your positions and mission will be misrepresented by the media and misunderstood by the public. Having them done poorly poses much the same risk. So it's critical to do them, and do them well.

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