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Client List
"I'm especially impressed by how Frank decided on topics and an approach on his own. It makes our jobs as editors so much easier to have writers like Frank who show initiative and deal with problems on their own...We have never needed to edit his work, and he has always lived up to his commitments. He has always been easy to work with."

     Bart Anderson
     Senior Editor at Energy Bulletin (http://energybulletin.net)

"Frank has an incredible knowledge of the English language and correct usages...He's amazing, and his editing on our book project was both impeccable and entertaining...As well as a supreme editor, Frank is also a brilliant writer, who always thinks beyond borders and works on the edges of disciplines, cultures, and media."

     Robert L. Davis
     Coauthor of Teaching Multiwriting: Researching and Composing with Multiple Genres, Media, Disciplines, and Cultures

"[Frank's book reviews] are always fair, go into great description about the book, are clearly written, and introduce both pros and cons of the book in a reasonable way that leaves personal bias and ego out of it...As well, [he's] well respected and widely read, so a hit from him makes a difference."

     Ginny Miller
     Freelance Writer; Former Editor, New Society Publishers

"As a CNS correspondent, Frank was among the most diligent researchers I've had...In addition, he demonstrated a keen awareness of the importance of accuracy and precision, both in the substance of his stories and in the way they were written and self-edited. Every week I watched him probe successfully for sources, meet every deadline and produce easy-to-edit copy."

     Eric Freedman
     Capital News Service Bureau Chief
Client List & Testimonials

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