​Why strengthening your brand is important

People form an opinion of your company based on your brand. And in today's world, consumers are confronted with so much advertising and so many choices that it's more important than ever for your brand to be accurate, to-the-point, distinct, original, and memorable. Your brand has to 
sum up your company, what it offers, and its values in as few words as possible. It also has to be distinct enough to give people a reason to choose your business over someone else's. A weak brand is one that fails to capture prospective customers' attention and effectively communicate what your business or company is all about. An effective brand, on the other hand, is one that makes you number one in the minds of your potential customers.

Every company needs to develop a brand

If you don't have a brand, then potential customers have no way of knowing who you are, what kind of expertise you have in your field, or what your values are. Without a brand, you could be driving away customers by sending out messages that are unclear or inconsistent, or that contradict the vision you have for what your company and product should represent. You could also be losing customers by giving messages that ​aren't appropriate for your intended 
                                           market—for example by emphasizing youth and hipness when your ideal market is the middle-aged or elderly. By consciously developing your brand and making sure that it's consistent with your company's goals and vision, you can avoid all of these pitfalls.
Why your business needs an Internet presence

Increasing numbers of people go online every day—and as a result, increasing numbers of people buy things online every day. More and more, people are using the Internet to pay for everything from groceries to furniture to package pick-ups. The world “buys Internet,” in a word, and it's hard to compete with other businesses if you don't have an Internet presence. "E-commerce" is today's watchword. So, in short, your business has a serious handicap if it doesn't have an Internet presence.

Why every business needs a web site

A web site is an incalculable asset to any business. With a Web site, your business can attract a vastly greater client base (potentially from all over the world) than it otherwise would be able to attract. Equally important is the fact that people can get access to information about your company at any time of the day or night, not just during your hours of operation. Also, people increasingly expect to be able to get this sort of information quickly through online searches, rather than by phone. If you don't have a web site that comes up prominently in Internet searches, you will lose out to companies that do. And lastly, it is much faster, cheaper, and easier for you to keep this information up-to-date on a web site than it would be in a print brochure.

A well-done web site can greatly improve your company's image

A sharply designed web site greatly enhances your company's image. Your company logo, the colors you use, the complexity of your site, and any animation or other effects that you deploy all have a huge impact on how potential customers view your company. All of these elements need to be chosen carefully so as to create a specific impression in viewers' minds. Getting any of these things wrong can cause would-be customers to think that you're unprofessional or that you don't know what you're doing. Done right, however, they can enable your web site to really hook customers—to inform them, persuade them, reassure them, recruit them, or whatever else your intent may be. To make sure that your web site leaves this kind of positive impression in viewers' minds, you need to hire a Web design company with proven expertise in the field. And this is the kind of expertise that Imaginative Design brings to every single project it does.

You can also use your web site to reshape your company's image

From time to time, you may want to revamp your company's image in order to attract a different market or distinguish yourself from the competition. Having a web site makes this process far easier because you're able to get feedback from the people who view your site and use your products or services. You can allow customers to easily leave comments through a “comments” blank, a feedback forum, or a “contact us” link, among other things. This way, you can get a better idea of your customers' and prospective customers' viewpoints without having to go through the trouble of conducting a survey. And the feedback you'll get over the Internet will most likely be honest, useful feedback, since people often find it easier to speak their minds in an e-mail than in person or over the phone.
Brochure Copy 
One industry in need of strong copywriting is that of web design and branding. The following sample was written for a web design/branding firm in Seattle, WA, called Imaginative Design. It was used in the brochure pictured on the right, which was intended to show prospective clients why it's essential to have a web presence and a distinctive brand in today's business world.
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